Cruise Night

Cruise Night is held the first Saturday every month in the Region 16 parking lot at Hillside and Bell,  and is hosted by a different member club each month. Cars usually start arriving around 05:00pm.

Reminder to all Clubs

Clubs hosting Cruise Night will need to patrol the area next to the building.  There is to be NO PARKING there due to the fire lane.

All participants: Please help the PCCC by not parking in the fire lane.  If we cannot uphold this request by Region 16, we will lose the privilege of meeting there. We appreciate everyone’s help on this matter.

The Model Car Club has offered to help with this, but we all need to cooperate and watch this area.

Also, watch for the individuals doing burnouts in parking lot.  If you see someone doing this, please have them leave;  we do not want to lose our spot for cruise night. Please have  everyone in your club help patrol this, let’s help the club hosting that night.